the Boh! by Ulisse

The restaurant is located a few minutes drive from the center in a panoramic area with a beautiful view of the city. Very close to the Sanremo A10 motorway exit, it has a large private car park; also convenient for those who are traveling and want to take a short stop without wasting too much time and being afraid of the car.

In the summer, you can sit on the outdoor terrace overlooking the Gulf of Sanremo. We also thought of a convivial table for those who maybe at that moment are alone and don’t want to stay at home.

The setting

The name Boh! not because we don’t know who we are or what we do, but because after so many years of catering, with a bit of healthy unconsciousness, we have decided for a change that we find difficult to define: a more modern place, with an easier approach, where , without feeling obliged to eat a full menu, you can enjoy a gourmet dish and, perhaps, a good glass of wine.

By making all the experience available to new guests, we have created a menu with many fish dishes, some meat dishes and some novelties for vegetarians, also interesting for those who are not vegetarians.

What we have not changed is the attention to the choice of raw materials, always fresh and of quality; the love for good food, always taken care of by the owner and the desire to create dishes that can also be eaten with the eyes or, as they say today, instagrammable.
All of this we have not been able to place in a specific category, hence the name Boh !.
In short, if one evening you don’t want to do the usual things and think Boh! well, there we begin, we are waiting for you!

You always put the first ingredient, and it is the desire to feel good, the rest of the recipe is our job.



Find us

How to find Boh! by Ulisse.

Coming from Monaco or France or even Genoa, the best choice is to take the motorway and exit at Sanremo; at the first intersection, turn right, the restaurant is only 3 minutes away.

If you take the Via Aurelia, often also known as SS1, you must look for the signs that lead to Coldirodi. Coming from Bordighera and Ventimiglia, the road to Coldirodi is found in Ospedaletti and, coming from Sanremo, the road is in the western part of the city.